Ever wonder if there is just an easier way to get others to want to do what you need done?

In my transportation management experience, getting umpteen packages delivered on time everyday did not happen without every employee involved in the process. Transportation is a different business, everything from trucks to various freight products, airplanes to weather can stop the business in its tracks. The one constant that always overcame all obstacles was the people and good leaders, regardless of titles.

Writing out plans for your business seems like the right thing to do, but do we ever stop to consider what our employees think of the plan? More importantly, do we let them play a major role in the planning itself?  In the transportation industry , a road map, a flight plan, or some sort of  navigation plan  is critical. Managing the people who will implement those plans is even more critical, yet most companies spend more time planning than motivating.

Good managers and leaders involved their people in discussions which generate  innovation determination. Allowing your people to create the plan for what you need done. Now, there is no doubt this can be a bit scary. What if they think you as the manager don’t know what to do? What if they don’t come up with ideas ? What if it takes too much time to bring people together to do this type of brain storming? Why can’t mangers just bring in their “favorites” and ask their opinions?

The main motivator of people is not money…people are  motivated most when they are asked for their ideas on how their work should be done and they are given the freedom to do their job and even make mistakes. we show respect for employees by trusting them to know what to do.

After all , who knows better than the person who actually does the job? When managers involve EVERYONE, the ideas are vast and the process allows ideas to feed from one another. No manager will be successful as a leader by surrounding themselves with Yes people.

Want to get buy in on a what you need done? Want to get people motivated? Let those who implement,  create. People will always go the extra mile to make THEIR ideas work.

Coach Nancy

  • janelle

    Hi Nancy,

    Just wanted to tell you how much I look forward to your articles. They truly make you stop and think about how to really think about your business and to make changes that keep propelling your forward. Your articles on “Listening to Other” is one of the most important ones I’ve read.