The employee management mantra of FedEx rings true even after almost 4 decades – when managing a business, follow the PSP philosophy. People, Service, Profit. As a member of senior management for FedEx, that philosophy was in our blood; there was never a discussion, memo or action taken without that empowering message. To this day, I apply that philosophy in my management consultant / business coaching practice.

Really great companies, even in bad times, place people and values first. The link between people and the bottom line is becoming more apparent. Organizations that succeed over time are those that have a strong values-driven culture. They are people-centered organizations who balance values and business.

Our People First                                                            

I am often asked by clients, “How can I motivate employees? Why don’t they just get as excited about our business as I do?”  The answer is really simple – put their wellbeing before that of your balance sheet and the results falls in line more easily and effectively.

The quality of the interaction with and among employees drives the quality of the products and services. A focus on treating employees with warmth, dignity and respect pays off in how customers are treated and consequently in how the business performs.

Many organizations forget the connection between customers, employees, and financial results. If you want to have great business results, you must have customers who love your products and services—customers who believe that they’re getting excellent treatment from the company. In order to do that, you have to have employees who are motivated, committed, and using their talents on behalf of the organization.

As Fred Smith, CEO of FedEx has always said, “if we treat our people with the respect due, they in turn will carry that attitude to our customers through service and the long term results will always be improved profitable for all stakeholders.”

Want to build employee morale? Start by walking the talk and treaing your people as though their ideas and hard work matter.

To your enduring succes,

Coach Nancy