Want to be more successful? A leader is successful how…?

Success is defined in so many different ways but one fairly consistent theme we hear people say about success is everyone wants IT. Describing that IT is what becomes sticky. It means different things to different folks.

We put so much of our time and effort in to achieving success yet when asked if success equates with happiness, many people look bewildered. Ever hear people say, “I am successful because I have a big house, a good job with a title, a neat bunch of cars but I am so disheartened and unhappy. I am always looking for something more. What am I missing?”

Success is not a destination; it is a journey, a state of being, and a way of living.

We may attain parts of success as a result of our work, our personal endeavors, our thoughts and actions. But true success is not measured in tangibles as much as it is defined as the achievement of our anticipated outcomes.

Success is really the accomplishment of our own predetermined goals and ambitions, surrounded by our beliefs and values.

Mother Theresa was one of the most successful people in the world. Why? She had little, if no personal possessions, yet she fulfilled her dreams by knowing what she wanted to do and why. Her goal of diminishing poverty and struggles for children around the world with a driving sense of purpose defined her success.

Defining success becomes much easier if we clearly identify what it is we truly want and why. If whatever that want and why is leads us to long term happiness and satisfaction, we will have achieved success. Knowing the why becomes the driver for true success and the more clear that is for a person or an organization; the easier it becomes to achieve success.

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