Stinking thinking is pervasive, toxic, and even used to manipulate, bully and control others. (I wrote about this, here.) Fortunately, when recognized and exposed, stinking thinking can be replaced with objective, and more realistic, thinking.

Replace Organizational Stinking Thinking

When you’ve learned to recognize and expose stinking thinking, you can re-think, re-frame and revise your thoughts.

For example, you might be thinking: “My team can’t possible get this done in time. We’ve got too much to do already, and we’re short on resources.”

You can re-frame the stinking-thinking like this: “I don’t like to pressure my team, especially when someone is out on vacation. I’m not certain we can meet this deadline, but we can do our best.”

By acknowledging the reality, you avoid catastrophizing and assuming, and agree to do what is possible by starting.

When you look at what you can do, instead of what’s wrong, you give yourself a chance to succeed and grow from the experience. When you guard against distortions and negativity, you are open to possibilities. Your mind starts to acquire more positive thinking habits. You set yourself up for success and build self-confidence.

As a leader, your role is to rally your people to a common vision, by helping them attain their goals. You can’t do this with stinking thinking or a negative mindset. They’re looking to you to lead them well. That’s a big calling.

With a more realistic perspective and the valuable input of others, you can adjust your viewpoint, approach, and actions. You no longer need to assume that things will always be painful, but legitimately believe things can, and will, get better. You can replace stinking thinking with objectivity and clarity.

What do you think? Do you recognize, expose, and replace stinking thinking with objective, positive thinking? I’d love to hear from you. You can call me at 561-582-6060; let’s talk. And as always, I can be reached here or on LinkedIn.

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