Corporate Solutions

Corporate Coaching is the most effective means for promoting positive, rapid, and lasting organizational change. It’s one of the most significant management innovations of the past fifty years!

We make sure your entire management team shares the same vision, mission, values, and strategy through on-going corporate coaching support. As your managers increasingly model behaviors, these key components are cascaded throughout your organization. The result?? Dramatic improvement in communication, commitment, teamwork, and accomplishment.

Corporate coaching addresses organizations as holistic, networked systems rather than as collections of discrete “silos.” Our coaching programs promote significant, lasting change because it transforms attitudes, habits, and behaviors, teaches new knowledge and skills, and continuously reinforces effective behaviors. We design the most effective programs to meet your specific needs and utilize both group training and private coaching sessions supplemented by frequent telephone and e-mail contact.

The results are measurable by implementing any of these customized services:

  • Performance Management
  • Building Collaborative Teams
  • Critical Thinking
  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Management Development
  • Supervisory Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Individual Business Coaching

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