The success of any business lies in the ability of the company to generate consistent profits while providing a product or service that people want to continue to use or at least tell others about.

Are you one of those people struggle with getting others to want to do what you need done? Managing the people in your organization can be difficult if you don’t understand how to motivate, empower and elicit their buy in.

Think about what makes you want to do what is expected and most of the time the common idea is that you feel as though what you are doing is meaningfull and that people appreciate you for what you do. As a manager  that is all you really have to focus on when getting others to perform well consistently.

Think about these 5 tip as you change the way YOU engage others  to get their commitment.

1.Treat them with respect- regardless of position or title, everyone wants to be respected. Don’t you?

2. People want to have a say in how they do their jobs. They don’t simply want to follow directions all the time.

3.Let people know the reasons why you expect them to do something. People want to see the big picture. They are much more motivated to do the small stuff if they can visualize the ultimate outcome.

4. Reward people for specifics. Just saying “thanks for a good job” grows very stale very quickly. People want to be recognized for their particular individual contributions. Thus, managers need to be observant and listen for specifics. Then acknowledge those contributions with sincerity.

5. Walk the talk. People will follow those they believe in.People are much more in tune with your attitudes and habits and can see through management incompetence immediately. Your employees  will emulate your behaviors as it relates to commitment.

Do the right things for the right reasons and you will get the right results.

At the end of the day people want to know they bring value to their jobs. To bring value, a person must be valued.  No one wakes up in the morning and decides they are going to do a crummy job today. Employees will contribute eagerly when they are given the proper support and resources to get the job done.  The way in which we lead and  manage people is as important a resource as the right software or machine used to make our product and service .

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To you continued success,

Coach Nancy